The ‘Queen’s’ Speech

Posted: May 27, 2015 in Current Affairs, Politics, Stuff
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The Queen’s Speech. 

Today is the day when a fabulously rich woman in a large hat – the sale of which could kick-start the economies of several African nations – plays ‘Gottle-a-Geer’ for a man who, whilst simultaneously drinking a pint of blood, will get her to relate how he will hurt the very poorest and most vulnerable in our society.Queens-speech

His lips will hardly move as the dummy regales us with his plans to extract 12 billion pounds or more from the most downtrodden and needy sectors of the economy – where it is spent daily in small, local businesses and shops – and place this money securely in the bank accounts of the rich where it will remain safe and undisturbed until inherited by their offspring.

People, including poor people and local businesses, will cheer and applaud.

The ventriloquist will further explain that in the coming Workers Paradise, workers will not need to fight for their jobs as the ability to do so will hinder the economy, cause unemployment, and halt the drive to full employment. The ability to do so, we will be informed, will therefore be removed.

People, including working people, will cheer and applaud.

The freedom to speak one’s mind – a freedom that has been seen to be used by bad people as well as ventriloquist’s dummies, and good people – who might use reason and rationalism to argue against bad peoples arguments – will be curtailed for the good of all.

People, now unable or unclear as to whether they can cheer, will merely applaud.

As the finale approaches, ‘Human Rights’, we will be told in a song as the ventriloquist’s Adams-apple bobs lyrically and in time to the dummies words, are to be re-named ‘Human Wrongs’.

Humans the length and breadth of the country – unsure now of right or wrong, left and right, or good and evil – will simply watch in awe as the dummy is put back into her suitcase until next time

Following this the Punch & Judy Show will resume.

That’s the way to do it.

Anvil Springstien.
Loosely related: 'Talking Out of Your Hat' - 'Nelson Mandela'

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