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Hi, you can say ‘hello’ here, leave a comment regarding the site or a show you’ve just been to (or even another Comics gig – grrrr!). Perhaps you simply want to recommend a good book, or have a secret recipe for a great pan of scouse – anything really?

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Apologies to aficiandos of the previous site whose comments were lost in the Great Internet Fire of 2012. We’ve gotten rid of the chip-pan and promise it won’t happen again. Sorry.

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  1. Tom Willis says:

    Hi, Anvil – Nice to see your still up and running (I never thought otherwise).

    Take care.

    • Hi Mate, only just set up this whole blog thingy for our three year trip away in Oz. just moved in to a new house in Safety Bay, Western Australia, and after three or four weeks in the WA Bermuda triangle have just – today – managed to get a landline and Internet connection… Hooray!!! So I can start writing again! Glad you’re the first comment in the new visitors book – and Twitter I see! – Stalk away, old chap…


      Anvil x

  2. Tom Willis says:

    Hi Anvil –

    No, don’t worry, not going to stalk you. I’m afraid you’re not my type. Great to hear from you though and get your update.

    Things much the same round here; Hibs still not winning anything.

    Looking forward to the Fringe; booked quite a few comedy tickets this year. We’re all going to see Bill Bailey this Saturday. Seen him before and was a tad disappointed. But Lesley and the boys like him.

    Off to Malta in July so the boys (17 & 14 now) can do rock climbing over the Med.

    Going down to your old stomping ground to see Mott the Hoople in November. They’re playing the City Hall in Newcastle. Hopefully United will be playing at home that weekend and we can get tickets.

    Still working in the dental lab and really enjoying it. Great bunch of people to work with; no pressure and we have a laugh.

    Take care.

    Best wishes, Tom

  3. Richard says:

    How did I ever arrive here?

    This site, brought back memories of my work experience year (1992/1993??) in middlesbrough, every (we tried) thursday night at the horses mouth comedy club normally right at the front. Remember one great evening, where I was stood at the back and (???) finished his routine with swing low sweet chariot and your associate kept looking at his watch as it was overrunning big time.

    The soft toilet paper for the ladies toilets, the cries of middlesbrough when the joke was good, and sunderland when it was bad.

    And it’s really good to see your microphone hasn’t changed.

    Keep making people laugh! And why not come to france to try to make the french laugh sometime!

    • It was truly a great gig, wasn’t it, Richard.

      I bump into people all over the world who say, ‘Remember me? I used to sit to the left of the stage!’ I had a heckle the other night in Fremantle. She shouted ‘Be Discerning!’ Apparently I used to say this to the audience before I brought an act on!

      My favourite memory was booking Jo Brand and spending an entire week putting up life sized posters of her around the Boro’ only to totally blank her name on the night!

      I don’t think she ever forgave me for that?

      Oh, and changing the banner outside from ‘The Horses Mouth’ to ‘The Horses Arse’ after after that kid from Hartlepool was caught on a security camera fucking a horse!

      The Police made us take it down but we got the press out to watch us peel of the word ‘Arse’ and got the best publicity in the world out of it!

      Thanks for reminding me. Great days. France eh?


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