[further memory-bling can be viewed here: hi res memory box]

hi res

Okay, briefly, and for the record, here’s what happened; I went out with a few mates on a drug and alcohol fueled binge. Hey, c’mon, I deserved it, I was broke, broken hearted and newly single. The kids needed new shoes. I’d woken up that morning in a panic and hurriedly dressed them before dropping them off at Mum & ‘Uncle’ Brian’s for the week. On my return the answer-phone barked ‘Happy Thirtieth Birthday, you old mongrel! Gladrags for eight!’ That night I overdosed on Mescalin for the first and last time. The nightmare lasted for six days. On the seventh day, instead of resting, I walked unsteadily into the photographic studio of a snapper called Rob Sargeant. He said; ‘ Are you alright?’ He took one shot. I threw up.

All these years later I still look younger than the day he took that shot. Okay, okay, I don’t, but it’s the only publicity shot I’ll ever use.


The header name and artwork for the site (photo courtesy of Becky Peddie) by a strange coincidence happen to coincidentally coincide with the name & artwork (did I say photo courtesy of Becky Peddie?) of the new show which previewed at the ‘Live Theatre’, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK:

Click on the poster and tell me what you think:


… and the version for the ‘Perth Fringe’, Western Australia, 2014 (Hi-Res 300dpi image for media printing. Lo-Res 72dpi image for slower machines HERE)


… and a few shots from the family album:

How it all began… Busking ‘The Human Anvil’. Free Trade Inn, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne – 26 years ago – a show where I broke paving slabs on my chest. As you can see, gun control wasn’t an issue back then – we all had one.


On the same bill… ‘The Big Fun Club’. Ace!


I spent twenty five years knocking people over for the legendary ‘Viz Comic‘ photo-love stories. Here’s an original shot by ace photographer and all round nice guy, Colin Davison (Rosella Studios).


And the shot that was eventually used in the comic. “Sorry Mate! I didn’t see him” – I never got to say anything else.


I even got to knock people over in the background…


And, on occasion, in full colour!


Getting a bit grey in this one?


I get greyer as Viz goes back to black and white for the twenty fifth anniversary edition.


‘Course, I never got the plum jobs… here’s Harry Enfield caught in bed with the one and only Stevie Glover. Great legs, Harry!


Further memorabilia can be viewed here:

Hi Res Memory Box

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