The Rise of The Evil Empire continues…

Posted: July 30, 2015 in Current Affairs, Politics, Stuff
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#HeWhoShallNotBeNamed #VoteCorbyn #TheEvilOne #TheDarkLord #DoctorDeath #IveHadaHeadTransplant #TwelveDaysToSaveTheWorld

The Dark Lord

Unaware of his secret plans to build a Death Star, a second major Trades Union and an insignificant Comedian today fell under his Machiavellian spell and pledged their allegiance to The Dark Lord of Socialism, Jeremy Corbyn.

I Just Joined The Labour Party

Twelve Days to Save the World

The following email, translated from the original parseltongue, and intercepted by the security services radicalisation unit, clearly shows how this vile and evil man is using social media to spread his hateful message of equality, fairness, and social justice.

A spokesperson for the so called British government said “If this insidious plot to get the entire UK electorate to vote for ‘Doctor Death’ succeeds, then the British Labour Party would remain unelectable for decades to come.

Readers (sic) of The Daily Mail were seen to nod, thoughtfully, whilst stroking their chins. A journalist (sic) from Fox News was heard to ask for a pen.

labour party membership thank you grab

Happy Birthday to me!

Twelve Days to Save the World

Anvil Springstien.


Just had a welcome email from Harriet ‘I Support the Cuts‘ Harman, who appears to have changed her tune a tad (you can click to enlarge):

harriet email grab1

Sharp eyed among the radicalised will have noticed that she repeats verbatum the hateful message of “equality, fairness and social justice” – bit spooky that. She then ends with a soupçon of fighting talk:

harman email grab2

Yep, I’ve got yer back, girl! See you at the barricades, then, Harriet.

Remember, stout shoes!

Anvil Springstien.

"Dear Mr Springstien...

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