On the Importance of Intersectional Auditing.

Posted: February 29, 2016 in Comedy, Current Affairs, Feminism
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On the Importance of Intersectional Auditing.

In the ideal world of ideas, all our Privilege Points would be entirely negated by our Oppression Points creating a level playing field where the truth value, or otherwise, of differing ideas can be weighed and measured. Reality, however, is a land far from ideal.

In debate, the best we can hope for is a situation where your opponent has a roughly similar Privilege/Oppression Equivalence Ratio (POE Ratio) to yourself allowing the skill of the protagonists to come to the fore.

Watching the production of a well-timed – and well-placed – ‘I’m an Armed Forces Veteran’ card, or, even better, the ‘My Mom was a Single-Parent on Crack’ card, that has been kept up a sleeve, is a joy to behold and can make the difference between an audience seeing your facts as true, or otherwise.

Intesectional Tree - I Think

Darwin’s Famous Intersectional Tattoo he had done as a young sailor in Hong Kong whilst serving aboard the British warship HMS Bounty with Anthony Hopkins & Mel Gibson.

Producing the ‘I’m really Working Class’ card won me a ‘Battle of Ideas’ debate in a pub the other day after a two-hour gruelling argument on the nature of Dualism had more or less stalled.

Of course, this works both ways and I would advise extra precaution when the inability to see one’s opponent is a factor, as is the case in online chat-rooms and forums: A fortnight ago, my argument for the existence of Gravitational Waves, as predicted by General Relativity, was roundly trounced when I was blindsided by the classic ‘Black Vagina’ card.

This shows the importance of preparation prior to debate. Completing a full Intersectional Audit on one’s opponent is obviously crucial, and, as in the example above, may well have saved the day had I known she held the ‘Black Vagina’ card in her hand, but… (and this really is a big but) many people forget that the difference between victory and defeat may well be a lack of an in depth intersectional audit, not of one’s opponent, but of oneself.

Why suffer the ignominy of defeat when the price of a small amount of research could have shown you to be related to someone who died during the Irish Potato Famine, or, more importantly, retain your white cis heteronormative taxonomy – white penis and all – whilst identifying with, and therefore partially negating, holders of the ‘Black Vagina’ card itself.

I hope this brief but in-depth article has contributed to the understanding of how ‘Intersectionality’ & ‘Intersectional Auditing’ can help in the ongoing transformation of opinion as fact.

Anvil Springstien.

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