Back to the Future II – American Edition

Posted: August 7, 2015 in Current Affairs, History, Labour Party Leadership, Politics
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Trump Trump, Trumpety Trump, Trump Trump Trump

Readers of last weeks post, ‘Back To The Future‘, will be aware that I recently came across a ‘time-capsule’ of unused sketches, circa 2001-2004. For the most part they are staunchly UK-centric – and even then you would have to belong to a certain age demographic to appreciate or understand the content. That said, they had a certain resonance with regards to the present political situation in the UK so I thought they were worth reproducing. I may post more as I work my through the seventy or so dusty files.

Last night, however, I watched the American Republican hustings on the TV with the usual dumbfounded amazement I reserve for what passes for political debate in the US – especially Republican political debate. Listening to the likes of Donald Trump reminded me that I’d came across a sketch referencing the 2002 US mid-term elections. It satirises both american exceptionalism and the foreign policy of the Bush administration.

To add a little context, Dubya had won the presidential elections in 2000. We are now thirteen months after the World Trade Centre attacks of September 2001. The ‘War on Terror‘ has begun in earnest, and the plans for selling the illegal invasion of Iraq are well in advance. The sympathy of the world is about to be lost.

scripts 2

Vote Republican this Mid-Term (circa 2002)

Update: New Sketch Found

As the American plans for the invasion of Iraq gain momentum, other nations, especially the UK, must be formed into a coalition of the willing…


Mission Impossible ‘3’ – Sketch (circa 2002) ‘The Poodle’

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