Puss in Boots on The Ground

Posted: December 4, 2015 in Current Affairs, Humour
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puss in boots poster1

Oh Yes, They Are!
Oh No, They’re Not!

The fine British tradition of Pantomime entertainment is to get a boost this Christmas with a new West End performance of David Cameron’s latest production of Puss in Boots on The Ground.

The hilarious festive romp starring Cameron himself as Principal Boy and Theresa May as Dame Porky is directed by George Osborne and based on a well-received script by Hillary Benn.

After selling off the family jewels for a bag of beans, David, in an attempt to slay the Giant, travels to London and climbs the beanstalk where he searches for the mythical Soldiers of The Sand – a ghostly army of 70,000 kind and moderately inclined souls.

Theresa uproariously helps David to dynamite the Golden Goose in order to cut off the Giants funds before he bravely battles the Multi-headed Porcine Hydra. Sowing it’s teeth, he summons the humorously hapless Army of the Sand, securing their services with the promise of everlasting membership of the UK Liberal Democratic Party and free meals at the House of Lords.

The final scene as David & Theresa lead their all-singing-all-dancing ghost army to the gates of the Giant’s desert lair is without doubt a glorious monument to the theatrical imagination.

Expect the jokes to come thick and fast in this brave, mainly ad-libbed, production.

This wonderful musical family fantasy promises to leave a smile on the face of children and adults alike and may run for years and years.

You really have no choice but to watch this farce.

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