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And the small print sez:


A quick word on ‘Content’: All original content © Anvil Springstien. The materials used and displayed on the Site, including but not limited to text, scripts, photographs, graphics, and artwork, are the property – unless otherwise stated – of Anvil Springstien and are protected by copyright and other laws.

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You also agree not to get too upset about anything, and to promote world peace, reason, and rationalism.

A quick word on ‘Privacy: We have no desire to know anything about your personal or private life. What you do behind closed doors in the privacy of your own home is your business, not ours. We also have no desire to store, pass on, sell, hold in a database, or otherwise distribute your email address or any other personal details – so we won’t.

A quick word on ‘Spam’: You don’t like it – neither do we. If you ever get an email of us, and you think you shouldn’t, just contact us here and we’ll sort it – straight away.

A quick word on ‘Grown-Uppism’We are all grown-ups and this site supports grown-uppism. We promise we will always try to act like a grown-up, and we expect the same from you (though the odd bit of childish humour is acceptable).

Nuff said?