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Take The Red Pill  #GoAskAlice.

Anvil Springstien

Ps: A nice screen-grab from the end of the video – click to enlarge & save image as to download:


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Mea Culpa

Firstly, apologies to our International readers. We’re having a bit of a political spat here in the UK following our recent general election. Basically we’re in turmoil as a government with a majority – though elected by a minority – feel they have carte blanche to run roughshod over the weakest and most vulnerable in our society by incentivising the poor with less money whilst incentivising the rich with more.

Consequently a number of posts over the next few months may seem somewhat disconnected from the greater world at large.


That said, and with the above in mind, the last few days have seen me scrabbling around in the Springstien Archives by way of a late spring-clean on some old drives. By chance I stumbled upon a folder containing approximately seventy dusty sketches. I’m unsure of both the date and the reason they were written?

At a guess I’d say they are from 2001 and were written possibly for a wonderful animated British satirical TV show called 2DTV. The folder is tagged ‘Sketches – Un-Optioned’ so I presume they were never bought.

Either way, the interest, for myself at least, is implicit in the content. I’ve chosen the following two for no other reason than alphabetically they were near the top of the folder.

The first of the two is called ‘Coming Out‘, whilst the second is entitled ‘A Little List’. They both explore the nature of being a Tory in Britain at the turn of the millennium following the demise of Margaret Thatcher as a political force.


For younger denizens of these shores, the term ‘A Little List‘ stems from a minister in Thatchers cabinet called Peter Lilley who famously had a ‘little list’ of dangerous individuals who he was to gleefully target in yet another round of swingeing spending cuts. One such enemy within were single parents.

The reference (in the same sketch) to Thatchers’s health originates from her anger at the Tory lurch from the extreme-right to the Blairite centre-right following her party’s defeat. Seeing her neo-liberal agenda ameliorated in favour of future electability actually made her ill to the point where her physicians prescribed a halt to any and all public speaking. A course of treatment greeted with some joy by what remained of her Nasty Party.

Their resonance echoes the current oppositions lurch to the right (now called the centre) in its search for electoral viability at the cost of integrity.

Coming Out Party Sketch

Coming Out Party – Sketch (circa 2001) Click on the Image above.

scripts 2

A Little List/War on Single Parents – Sketch (circa 2001) Click on the Image above.

Anvil Springstien.

Ten Days To Save The World –  Vote ‘Dark Lord’.

[Note: None of the telephone numbers, addresses, or email addresses in the sketches are current]

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The Dark Lord

Unaware of his secret plans to build a Death Star, a second major Trades Union and an insignificant Comedian today fell under his Machiavellian spell and pledged their allegiance to The Dark Lord of Socialism, Jeremy Corbyn.

I Just Joined The Labour Party

Twelve Days to Save the World

The following email, translated from the original parseltongue, and intercepted by the security services radicalisation unit, clearly shows how this vile and evil man is using social media to spread his hateful message of equality, fairness, and social justice.

A spokesperson for the so called British government said “If this insidious plot to get the entire UK electorate to vote for ‘Doctor Death’ succeeds, then the British Labour Party would remain unelectable for decades to come.

Readers (sic) of The Daily Mail were seen to nod, thoughtfully, whilst stroking their chins. A journalist (sic) from Fox News was heard to ask for a pen.

labour party membership thank you grab

Happy Birthday to me!

Twelve Days to Save the World

Anvil Springstien.


Just had a welcome email from Harriet ‘I Support the Cuts‘ Harman, who appears to have changed her tune a tad (you can click to enlarge):

harriet email grab1

Sharp eyed among the radicalised will have noticed that she repeats verbatum the hateful message of “equality, fairness and social justice” – bit spooky that. She then ends with a soupçon of fighting talk:

harman email grab2

Yep, I’ve got yer back, girl! See you at the barricades, then, Harriet.

Remember, stout shoes!

Anvil Springstien.

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Jeremy Corbyn is the Devil

After a week when everyone from the Tory Party to Tony Blair to the Masters of Industry have let us know what a disaster it would be if evil Jeremy Corbyn was to lead the Labour Party, I’ve been feeling rather predictive, one might say almost Mystic Meg like:

By Monday I expect to view secret footage of Jeremy Corbyn falling over on a Welsh beach.

By Tuesday I expect to to see a receipt for a Donkey Jacket belonging to Jeremy Corbyn that cost £2,899.99.

By Wednesday I expect both the Queen and the Pope to tell us that Jeremy Corbyn is the Anti-Christ and is the illigitimate father of Mhairi Black.

By Thursday I expect to be informed that Jeremy Corbyn has spent time in Jihadi training camps in both Libya and Afghanistan.

By Friday I expect to be informed that Jeremy Corbyn is in league with the SNP and is not really black.

By Saturday I expect to be informed that Jeremy Corbyn has drank the blood of small children and is wanted on sexual abuse charges in Sweden.

By Sunday I expect to be informed that my attempt to re-join the Labour Party has been accepted, along with my £3.00 (£1.00 if you’re current or ex-armed forces) so I can do the obviously correct thing and vote for him in the upcoming leadership election.

Anvil Springstien.

All Hail The Evil One!

LEFT: A picture of the evil one at work making evil plans.Labour-MP-for-Islington-North-Jeremy-Corbyn

All Labour Party members, registered supporters and affiliated supporters who join before 12pm on the 12 August can vote in the Leadership Election.

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