hi-res memory box » complaint – gazette

Posted: March 26, 2013 | Full size is 2108 × 3481 pixels

One of the many complaints my column would get. The Evening Gazette used to print loads of them – apart from the death threats. This particular one, from someone called Alan Leighton, followed me getting stuck in to some vicar or priest who’d refused to baptise a child called ‘Damien’. If you’re still out there, Alan, what’s the betting you’re still a dick! Note the implied threat – you wouldn’t say that to the Muslims… Of course, I did – they’re all tossers!

Those Hindu’s and Bhuddist’s, they’re all tossers, too.

I recall doing a spoof called ‘Galilee’s Got Talent’ that didn’t go down too well…

"Dear Mr Springstien...

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