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Jeremy Corbyn is the Devil

After a week when everyone from the Tory Party to Tony Blair to the Masters of Industry have let us know what a disaster it would be if evil Jeremy Corbyn was to lead the Labour Party, I’ve been feeling rather predictive, one might say almost Mystic Meg like:

By Monday I expect to view secret footage of Jeremy Corbyn falling over on a Welsh beach.

By Tuesday I expect to to see a receipt for a Donkey Jacket belonging to Jeremy Corbyn that cost £2,899.99.

By Wednesday I expect both the Queen and the Pope to tell us that Jeremy Corbyn is the Anti-Christ and is the illigitimate father of Mhairi Black.

By Thursday I expect to be informed that Jeremy Corbyn has spent time in Jihadi training camps in both Libya and Afghanistan.

By Friday I expect to be informed that Jeremy Corbyn is in league with the SNP and is not really black.

By Saturday I expect to be informed that Jeremy Corbyn has drank the blood of small children and is wanted on sexual abuse charges in Sweden.

By Sunday I expect to be informed that my attempt to re-join the Labour Party has been accepted, along with my £3.00 (£1.00 if you’re current or ex-armed forces) so I can do the obviously correct thing and vote for him in the upcoming leadership election.

Anvil Springstien.

All Hail The Evil One!

LEFT: A picture of the evil one at work making evil plans.Labour-MP-for-Islington-North-Jeremy-Corbyn

All Labour Party members, registered supporters and affiliated supporters who join before 12pm on the 12 August can vote in the Leadership Election.

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